Donate a Harbor Hood

$771 raised of $1000


$50 = 1 Harbor Hood + Bag + Handwritten Note

- All proceeds goes to giving Harbor Hoods to patients - 

Give Comfort in a Trying Time

We know it's hard for everyone right now. There are hundreds of people going through chemo treatment right now in the United States. Give a Harbor Hood to someone who could really use a comfy cocoon around them during treatment. 

Who is this going to?

Partnering with Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH and Kaiser Permanente Interstate Radiation Oncology Center in Portland, OR to provide Hoods to those receiving chemo treatment, dialysis treatment, and for healthcare staff to get much needed rest. 

What's included in your donation?

- Harbor Hood (100% machine washable and dryer safe)
- Hand written note to everyone that receives one <3!
- Travel bag (easy travel from treatment to home)

We have already sent two pillows. Please help me send more soon! 


- All proceeds goes to giving Harbor Hoods to patients - 

person in hospital bed with harbor hood 

Thank you for all your support thus far! Stay safe and stay comfy.