A Letter from our Founder


Comfortable personal space where it doesn’t usually exist. Harbor Hood.

It was my grandfather's personal experiences that first gave me the idea for Harbor Hood. He recounted to me his numerous visits to ERs and hospitals. "They are cold, bright, loud, and usually overcrowded. Making it hard to get into a comfortable position to rest" It's a period where you need to get rest but feel the worst. I thought that other people might feel the same way as my papa.

Through my research in the healthcare space, I observed patients experiencing discomfort in numerous environments including ERs, treatment chairs, exam rooms, and many waiting rooms. Obviously, I could not address many miseries associated with illness or injury. I could, however, work on ways to shield them from some of the lack of privacy, the chilliness, the noisiness, and the brightness and give them relief from the awkward resting positions they were enduring on top of their medical concerns. Harbor Hood was created to meet these needs for comfort and personal space.

Several years of research not only refined Harbor Hood’s physical properties but also expanded its purpose. People told us over and over again that they would use Harbor Hood in healthcare settings but also, and perhaps more often, for travel, mass transit commuting and open concept offices. All these environments produce a need for comfortable personal space and that is what Harbor Hood creates.

Personal space quiets the mind and allows your senses to accept stimuli at a more comfortable rate. Softness and support allow you to focus on what you want to, even if that is rest, without the distraction of pain or discomfort.

Join the Hood today and you can be among the first to enjoy a more comfortable personal space where it doesn’t usually exist. 



Founder of Harbor Hood

Kate has a background in healthcare architecture and product design. Receiving her architecture degree from University of Virginia and a Masters in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.