Our Story

Stop Feeling Stuck, Start Feeling Better

A lifetime of watching friends and loved ones experience harsh healthcare and travel environments, Kate Brandy was well versed in the challenges people face when they feel "stuck" with no control over their uncomfortable surroundings. 

Imagine you are in a hospital, treatment center, or nursing home for a health condition that you are very concerned about. Beyond that, there are noisy people, staring people, constant beeping of monitors, chilly AC, bright florescent lights in your face, relentless neck pain from flat pillows, hard pillows, or “sorry we ran out pillows”. And to top it off a total lack of control of what is going on with your body. Put yourself in the shoes of a medical patient today. You know none of the annoyances are the end of the world, but you would appreciate being able to make your environment better. That’s why HarborHood was created. A pillowed hood that shields you from all of these things so you can find some serenity.

harborhood with founder Kate Brandy

A background in healthcare architecture and industrial design Kate set out to give control back to the patients and travelers. After years of researching patients, travelers, commuters, materials, forms, sewing prototypes, defining a thesis and one move later. The result? An entirely new category of neck pillows inspired by sustainable materials and an ongoing pursuit to help people take back control of their harsh environments so they feel more comfortable.