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I'm so excited to be starting this travel and health design blog! It's big for me because it means I'm taking the next step to my dream of seeing the world so that I can create purposeful designs. My goal for this space is to share helpful health and travel information through the lens of my friends and my designer point of view.

Recently, I have been based in Boston working a full time UX job and developing Harbor Hood, a new type of neck pillow for patients and travelers who want a micro-home where ever they go. My passion for creating a comfy and quiet neck pillow has taught me so much about exploring a new industry with different skills. I have shown to myself that if I want to learn something or do something, I shouldn't wait until I have approval from someone else. I tell myself, "Do it and do it your own way!" I did things that scared me because I had never done them before, ie sourcing quality fabric that is healthy for the user and for the planet or developing a pattern with a manufacturer. I fumbled my way through but I did it! Now when I have that nervous feeling that I'm doing something unknown but I'm too curious to walk away, I know I'm in the right place. 

Here we are again I'm trying something new, embarking on a 6+ month long work and travel experience in south east Asia. My home base will be the lovely island city-state Singapore. I have never lived outside of the USA and I look forward to sharing my ups and downs as I explore a part of the world I had only seen in pictures. 

Kate with mask in Saigon

Only two weeks in and I already notice that a lot can throw me off my groove. The timezone, lack of sleep, that dinner last night, change in temperatures, air quality, the list goes on. And sometimes, I'm not able to enjoy my surroundings as much as I had hope. But I'm learning how to be careful and set my own rules, listening to my body so that I don't over do it! I believe what I learn can be translated into your own travel and health situations. 

I hope these stories and tips find you well and inspire you to start your own journey where ever that maybe!  

By Kate Brandy UX designer, Founder of Harbor Hood 

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