Traveling with a Food Allergy

My worried mind: "hmm what will be hiding here for me to get sick from..."

Something that has been a bit of a challenge while traveling, is traveling with a food allegory. When you want to be adventurous and open to new foods you can’t always afford the aftermath(😵😰). But I have found a few tricks to help me out that can be useful for any traveler!

Tip #1 So Saucy

If you are like me and have a shellfish allergy, eating in south east Asia can be difficult because there are a lot hidden shellfish. My rule of thumb is when in doubt, each vegetarian but still be mindful of the SAUCE.  It’s quite common to use shrimp paste and oysters sauce in dishes that are not labeled to have any shellfish. So always ask multiple times because it can be overlooked and you are the one that has to deal with the consequences. Bring a granola bar or snacks wherever you go just so that you are not tempted when it could be questionable. You will have another chance soon to try something yummy that doesn’t make you sick.

Tip #2  “That’s some high quality H2O”

Drink a ton of *bottled* water. This helps you feel good but also in the event you do have an allergic reaction similar to mine (throwing up)  it helps keep you from getting dangerously dehydrated why you can’t keep anything down. I am very cautious in certain countries(like in Vietnam where I was recently) to not drink the water and just religiously ask for bottled. Make sure its seals or have sparkling to ensure it’s not just  repackaged.

Tip #3 "It won’t hurt, just a little pinch" 

Carry an EpiPen. A light weight lifesaver(literally!). EpiPens are also offered in travel size too! As your doctor about options you might have. I had to go through an allergy test to be prescribe so plan ahead before you go on your trip! I actually didn’t know they had travel size so I have been lugging (I'm dramatic) a large one around but figure it will do the job! This tip comes from a new friend @emilysoloby who knows all too well the struggle of food allergies, thank you Emily!!

Tip #4 Trust your gut and take care of it too

probiotic pillsPhoto by Sarah Pflug from Burst

Another little thing to carry in your luggage is a daily probiotic in pill form. I was worried when I traveled to new places with different cuisine than I’m not used to that I might have trouble keeping regular. Thankfully, my mother slip a box into my luggage and it has made all the difference. The one I take is completely vegetarian and full of 10 billion active cultures to keep your system happy and healthy. I start taking it when I know I’m going on trip and then take it daily while on the trip. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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