Local 12 WKRC 'Harbor Hoods' pillow created to provide comfort during hospital treatments

Originally written by Jenna Cisneros, WKRC 

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A local business owner created a pillow specifically made to provide comfort to those in the hospital.

Kate Brandy, creator of ‘Harbor Hoods’ has a simple goal.

“To make more comfortable people in very uncomfortable situations,” Brandy said.

The want to make others feel comfortable is personal for her, after watching her grandfather, Jerry, battle cancer treatments.

“He’s [Kate] had a lot of experience with being in these somewhat uncomfortable experiences, complaining about the light and the noise,” Brandy said.

She created a special pillow that covers a patients ears and creates a quiet environment.

“It actually creates a quiet environment for when you’re resting inside of it to create a little bit of a shield or a blocker from everything that’s going on around you,” Brandy said.

Jerry has been using the Harbor Hood during his hospital stays.

“I have found the harbor hoods very helpful because I take lots of naps and I like to weed out the distractions,” Jerry said.

“I think It was really important to see that he could have a little bit more control with his environment- When you don’t have a lot of control in general, when you’re getting treatment. And I also wanted to just do something so that he knows that I’m thinking about him,” Brandy said.

After positive feedback from her grandfather, Brandy feels called to help others. Especially during a nationwide pandemic.

“There’s a lot of isolation that happens, so I think that anything we can do whatever it is, whether it’s sending cards, or video chatting or in this case - it’s the best way to say it’s like a hug for your head, I just want to give them a hug when you can’t right now,” Brandy said.

Brandy hopes to grow her business so others can receive the same comfort her grandpa has felt.

So far, she has donated about a dozen pillows to area hospitals.

The pillow donations are made possible through community monetary donations.

If you’d like to donate, click here.

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