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  • 4 Tips for Staying Physically and Mentally Well While at Home.

       Illustration by Kate Brandy The isolation of working from home can be difficult, but there are things we can do to make it feel better. Before w...
  • How to Wear Your Harbor Hood

    Ever wonder how to best wear a Harbor Hood? Check out this quick how-to video.  
  • Exploring Peranakan Architecture: Singapore’s Historical Looking Glass

    After landing in Singapore, I admit, I beelined it to the soaring architecture and city-sized shopping malls.  But after the endorphin-inducing heights of Marina Bay Sands wore off, I started to look else where to see what makes up Singapore architecture. Parenken shophouses are a window into the past of Singapore, with intricate detailing and styles that personally excited me more than the sheets of glass towering over me, making me feel ant sized. 
  • Tuktuks, Temples, and Travel in Bangkok

      Music by YOUNGOHM - ธารารัตน์ (Thararat) Bangkok is a beautiful, bustling city with a population of 9.27 million. There is something for every...
  • Traveling with a Food Allergy

    My worried mind: "hmm what will be hiding here for me to get sick from..." Something that has been a bit of a challenge while traveling, is travel...
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