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Ways to Wear Your HARBOR HOOD

What Customers are saying

Wearing during dialysis, Harbor Hood is so comfy and I have big headphones on too and it's still easy to wear.

Booda, California, age 39

Great for when I take naps in the afternoon on the couch to block out the light, quiets niose and supports my neck. 

Gerard, Cincinnati, age 90

It is helpful in a variety of circumstances! On a plane, in a hotel with bad pillows, and that one time I got sick and had to sleep sitting up for a few nights.

Jessica, Colorado

Had a lot of fun exploring all its features like the weighted eye mask. Loved the packaging, materials, and color!

Nathan, Massachusetts, age 27

New England Made

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Quiet & Comfy Personal Space

Pillow Hoods for health, travel and home

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