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Designed with people in mind

We listened to patients and travelers to understand their needs. We found neck pillow hoods could help solve a lot of their comfort frustrations. Made sustainably in the USA with the highest quality technical material. Harbor Hood is designed to make you feel comfortable wherever your journey may take you. 

How to Wear Your HARBOR HOOD

What Customers are saying

It is helpful in a variety of circumstances! On a plane, in a hotel with bad pillows, and that one time I got sick and had to sleep sitting up for a few nights.

Jessica, Colorado

Had a lot of fun exploring all its features like the weighted eye mask. Loved the packaging, materials, and color!

Nathan, Massachusetts, age 27

Wearing during dialysis, Harbor Hood is so comfy and I have big headphones on too and it's still easy to wear.

Booda, California, age 39

Great for when I take naps in the afternoon on the couch to block out the light, quiets niose and supports my neck. 

Gerard, Cincinnati, age 90


New England Made

Harbor Hood Your Own Micro-home

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